Friday, June 11, 2010


Dear Cyberspace,

Well, I guess this is it - my first blog post.  It was only a matter of time.  My wife, Ally Ferguson of I Heart That Dance (and recently of MSCI too) has been insisting for years that blogging is NOT THAT HARD.  I believe there was something said at some point along the lines of, "Phil, for Pete's Sake!  It's not ROCKET SCIENCE!".  I feel like that joke is a little over-used on us *actual* rocket scientists out there.  But, I must admit, this is considerably easier than I thought (and for the record ... MUCH easier than rocket science).

But I digress ...

For the past ten or so years, I have been following various space blogs like NASAWatchSpaceflightNow and Spaceref Canada.  There are usually lots of interesting articles on these daily blogs, but not always relevant to small space in Canada.  Don't get me wrong -- I like to hear the latest news on astronauts trying to settle scores with ex-lovers just as much as the next guy, but is it really relevant to how the Canadian microsatellite business is doing these days?  I think not.

So, enter "Microspace in Canada - The Blog".  Here, I hope to maintain a collection of commentaries, links to news items, press releases and just general interest surrounding the small space industry in Canada.  At MSCI, I am fortunate enough to get exposed to many small space projects, technologies and initiatives.  Being a rather opinionated guy, I usually have something to say about them.  So, rather than just spouting off at my wife, kids and whoever else happens to be nearby at the time, I decided to let the internet know.

So, here we go.


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