Friday, September 10, 2010

NEOSSat Gets Wheels

With the NEOSSat spacecraft assembly in full-swing, the Microsatellite Team at MSCI is excited to be receiving 4 200-series MicroWheels from the ACS Products Team at MSCI later this month.  The 4 reaction wheels are undergoing final tests before being released to the Microsatellite Team for final integration into the NEOSSat Bus.

NEOSSat will use the same type of reaction wheel found in the MOST microsatellite -- the 200-Series MicroWheel, designed and manufactured by MSCI.  The 200-Series MicroWheel is the smaller cousin of the 1000-Series MicroWheel, also offered by MSCI.  NEOSSat will also be using the optional solid-state rate sensor inside the 200-Series MicroWheel for navigation purposes.

With over 50 wheel-years on-orbit MSCI's line of reaction wheels is quickly becoming the reaction wheel of choice for microsatellites world-wide -- and for good reason!  With their low power, low mass and minimal vibrational disturbance, MSCI MicroWheels are perfect for a small satellite with demanding pointing and power requirements.

For more information about MSCI's line of precision reaction wheels for microsatellites, check out MSCI's website.

Keep up the great work guys!!